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Kelly+Partners Scholars Foundation is promoting an entrepreneurial scholarship for a study trip to Israel.

The program, developed with the AICC (The Australia–Israel Chamber of Commerce), embodies a spirit of innovation that sparks opportunities to gain rich insights for creative business and social endeavors and helps to foster closer links between Australia and Israel. A truly outstanding and worthy initiative.

Kelly+Partners Scholars Foundation, offers a cohort of selected year, 11 students, a week-long study experience in Israel enabling them to look at the world through a different lens.

Students will have the opportunity to meet and engage with individuals and organisations with innovative ‘can do’ attitudes and enterprises committed to social justice goals. 

This initiative will accelerate the vision to build future generations of capable, adaptive, fluid, and agile leaders who readily embrace the ongoing process of learning, unlearning, and relearning. The Scholarship embodies the spirit of innovation – sparking new opportunities for creative business and social endeavors that will create positive change.

Investment Wisdom by Brett Kelly

What can we learn from some of Australia’s most successful investors? Can they show us insights into business, life, as well as investing? In these nine revealing interviews, Australia’s leading lights in investing share why they are in the business of managing money, what it is they do to seek to be an excellent custodian of other people’s wealth, and how they go about their process of investing. The result is Investment Wisdom, a deeper understanding for the reader who is serious about growing their ability to comprehend the world of investing.

Every book sale is donated for students to experience the Start-Up Nation of Israel.